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A few keywords that will allow you to get to know the Polish brand Corsan.

The Polish company Corsan has been in the bathroom furniture industry since 2005. Over the years we have built up an enormous sales network for our products with our experience and continuous development. The headquarters of the Corsan company is located in Wielkopolska, from where we supply sales salons, wholesalers and shops with bathroom equipment. Corsan products are also sent to all countries in the European Union.

In Poland, Corsan is one of the leading manufacturers in the bathroom industry. Our product range includes acrylic bathtubs, shower panels and columns, concealed shower systems, bathroom fittings and other elements of modern bathroom equipment. Such a wide range of high quality products makes us cooperate with several thousand bathroom sales salons across the country. The cooperation with us is also cultivated by large design offices and individual interior designers of beautiful bathrooms.

Corsan products are used in Polish households as well as in hotels, apartments and public facilities. In order to offer our customers the highest level of comfort and safety in use, we offer a guarantee and post-guarantee service that covers all of our goods.

Over the years, the Polish brand Corsan has become a defining factor in style and quality. As professionals, we guarantee the reliability of our products and perfect workmanship down to the smallest detail. And all because we only use the highest quality materials in our production. Modern technologies in production and a unique design also play a major role. This is why Corsan's products are so well known and valued in the industry.